Villa Exterior Decoration

The exterior is the make-up of the building. You can use different types of coating materials according to your own tastes and wishes.

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Villa Exterior Cladding

In order for the villas to look more magnificent and beautiful, they must be crowned with a quality exterior application. Villa exterior claddings are of many different types and may vary depending on the structure and theme of each villa. Cultured stone, which is among the exterior applications, is the currently trending cladding type. However, many different stone and panel applications can also greatly change the appearance of your villa.

Quality in Villa Exterior Applications; Architects can have a villa exterior cladding suitable for the villas. Exterior panels, which are among the new solutions, will also be a quality solution for this. Your villas can look much more beautiful with all kinds of materials such as stone, glass and wood.

Villa exterior designs

In villa exterior design, lighting, window jamb selection, column buttresses, floor and eaves moldings are important to affect the success of the design. You can examine all the projects of our architects who offer the most beautiful exterior projects on, ask questions about the projects to our professional team, or decide on the exterior project of your home or workplace by discussing it with our design office. Other Villa exterior designs Polyurethane Villa Exterior Product Features Before moving on to Polyurethane Product features, you can get visual information about our polyurethane products. You can follow our Instagram account @polyesdekor where we share current posts. We share polyurethane products and exterior jamb models whenever possible. Polyurethane products also have the feature of insulation material and your exterior does not need sheathing. It can also be easily applied on rough plaster. In short, our villa exterior design products save you on cladding costs. Polyurethane decorative products have a lifespan of approximately 200 years and a hardness of 180-200. Thanks to its durable structure and light weight, it provides ease of application and saves time.

Facade designs with high resistance to ignition have heat, sound and water insulation features. It is the highest quality and most useful villa exterior cladding material produced today.

Villa Exterior Design with Polyurethane Products: Aesthetics and Functionality

Today, the variety of materials used in the construction industry and technological developments enable various design options in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Polyurethane is a prominent option among these materials and offers aesthetic and practical solutions in villa exterior design.

1. Advantages of Polyurethane:

Polyurethane is a light, durable and flexible material. These features increase its usability in exterior design. Additionally, polyurethane materials can be molded into a variety of shapes, offering designers wide scope for creativity. It is a preferred material for exterior cladding with its resistance to abrasion, waterproof properties and longevity.

2. Aesthetic Diversity:

Polyurethane can be diversified with different textures, patterns and forms. The use of this material in villa exterior design offers architects and designers a wide aesthetic palette. Polyurethane coatings, which can imitate appearances such as stone, wood or plaster, can give the desired character to the villa exterior.

3. Energy Efficiency:

Polyurethane is a good insulation material. When used on the exterior of the villa, it can increase the energy efficiency of the building. High insulation values can reduce energy costs by reducing heat losses and offer an environmentally friendly design.

4. Easy Applicability:

Polyurethane materials can be easily applied because they are light and can be easily adapted to various shapes. This feature, which supports detailed designs on the villa exterior, can speed up the assembly processes.

5. Ease of Maintenance:

Polyurethane coatings are generally durable and easy-to-maintain materials. Their resistance to problems such as cracking, peeling or fading offers a long-term solution to villa owners.

6. Eco-Friendly Option:

Polyurethane is a recyclable material. This offers a significant advantage in terms of environmentally friendly design and compliance with sustainability goals.

As a result, villa exterior design with polyurethane products combines advantages such as aesthetic diversity, durability, energy efficiency and easy applicability. These materials can be considered a prominent choice in the exterior design of modern and stylish villas.

Villa Exterior Polyurethane Decoration Products: The Meeting Point of Aesthetics and Durability

Villas are special places that reflect the taste and style of their owners. The materials and decoration products used in exterior design play an important role in determining the character of the villa. Polyurethane decoration products offer an ideal option to beautify and personalize the villa exterior.

1. Cornice and Decorations:

Polyurethane cornices and trims add an elegant touch to the villa's exterior. These products can be found in a variety of patterns and forms, offering suitable options for traditional or modern style designs. Cornices are used around windows or at the edges of the roof to emphasize architectural details.

2. Column Coverings:

Column coverings used on the exterior of the villa are preferred to add durability to the structure as well as to emphasize the architectural elements. The lightness of polyurethane enables easy installation of column coverings, and also offers aesthetic richness with its stone or wood appearance.

3. Console and Beam Coverings:

Polyurethane console and beam coverings add depth and dimension to the villa's exterior, increasing architectural diversity. These products can be used to achieve a rustic or luxurious look by imitating wood or stone details.

4. Window and Door Frame Coverings:

Polyurethane coatings can create an aesthetic emphasis on window and door frames. Coatings produced in different patterns and details can give a unique character to the exterior of the villa.

5. Rustic Wall Coverings:

Polyurethane rustic wall coverings are an ideal option for those who want to create a rustic atmosphere on the exterior of their villa. These products add warmth and naturalness to the villa with their stone or brick appearance.

6. Decorative Panels and Reliefs:

Polyurethane decorative panels and reliefs add unique artistic touches to the villa exterior. These products can be used on walls or in special designs to provide a unique aesthetic to the villa.

Villa exterior polyurethane decoration products stand out in terms of aesthetic richness, durability and easy applicability. These products offer an excellent choice for those who want to personalize the exterior of the villa and add aesthetic value to its surroundings.

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