About Us

History: Our “Polure” brand, which is one of the pioneers of the manufacturing sector of polyurethane decoration products in Turkey, was established in 2005 as a continuation of the family business. Hasan KORKUT, who set out to bring a quality and radical change to the sector, opened its first production in Kocaeli Çayırova. With the opening of our first factory, a new breath came to the polyurethane sector.

The difference lies behind the quality and unique image of our brand, which has grown over the years. Polure, which has not compromised from its line since the first day of its establishment, has aimed to bring Turkish consumers together with world trends.
As Turkey's productive power, we are moving forward in line with new targets. We are bringing a different approach to Polyurethane decoration products by deciding to manage all processes from production to delivery in order to support the consumer, and by succeeding in offering our products at the best quality and more suitable.

The fact that our company has wide production channels, follows the technological developments in the field day by day, incorporates it into its structure, and has fast and quality after-sales services are the factors that make our company different from other companies in the sector. Our company's statement;

Vision: To produce polyurethane decoration products with love for every living space around the world, in accordance with universal standards.

Mission: In line with customer expectations; To create a “Polure” family that adds trust, quality and value to every living space, weaves the cultural richness of the geography we live in like rugs with its R&D original models and designs, is different, decisive, environmentally friendly, respectful to the society, contributing to the country's economy, and happy with its employees and consumers.