Contact us about polyurethane foam wood imitation beam prices. You can create different designs with the ceiling polyurethane beam models in our related gallery of wood imitation polyurethane products. The price difference between the prices of wooden-looking styrofoam beams and the prices of polyurethane decorative wooden beams is normal. Styrofoam wood log is softer and is not a good imitation in terms of texture. Be aware of many beam decorations designs by following us on social networks @polyesdekor

About models of decorative polyurethane beams.

Decorative Natural Wood Look Beam, Rafter Models, Very Light Polyurethane Log models are available in dark oak and other color types.

If you are a fan of rustic decoration, we hope you will like the rustic decoration examples in our gallery. Moreover, although it seems very difficult, it is now very easy to apply the designs as in the images. A wooden polyurethane beam of 30×35 cm and 3 meters in length weighs approximately 10 kg. The texture of our products has such an original appearance that it cannot be distinguished from wood.

You can find the polyurethane beam models used in the designs in our related product category. We have 10 different color options, but our favorite colors are walnut and light walnut.

In addition to making custom color works, we can make new models in special sizes. For detailed information, please contact us on our contact page.

Polyurethane beam models are open at the top in the form of a u profile. It is very easy to hide the timber and iron on the ceiling by successfully obtaining a decorative appearance. Our product is maintenance-free, suitable for outdoor use, and is not affected by adverse weather conditions such as water and humidity.

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