Our Quality and Environmental Policy

OUR QUALITY POLICY: To offer high-quality effective solutions and to expand our product portfolio in line with the developing technology and different and new needs directed by the customer. To establish a reliable and effective working system, to support and develop our relations by establishing corporate communication with our suppliers and customers. To comply with all national and international legislation and laws while providing services to our suppliers and customers. To be a reliable company that understands the needs and expectations of the customer correctly and produces the most effective solution. To use developing and up-to-date technologies, to continuously improve product quality by closely following the developments in the sector, to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level by providing pre-sales and after-sales technical support. To perform all the services we offer with our qualified employees who have learned the documentation in line with our policy, manage the processes correctly and effectively, and can implement our goals. In order to keep employee satisfaction and motivation at the highest level, to organize training programs that support their development with a human-oriented approach and to provide the necessary resources for them to fulfill their responsibilities. Based on the principle of efficiency, making continuous improvement sustainable and increasing our efficiency in all our processes to an internationally competitive level. To be an exemplary company that respects the society and the environment we live in by ensuring the continuity of our quality understanding in order to achieve our quality goals in line with our policy.

OUR ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY: Based on the needs and expectations of the relevant party (Internal/External Context) and customer satisfaction, minimizing the negative effects that may be caused to the environment in the service activities we carry out, We will take the necessary measures to evaluate recyclable wastes, reduce the use of limited natural resources, prevent pollution caused by wastes harmful to the environment, protect natural assets, not adversely affect living life, not pollute the environment and improve it in a positive way. We will continuously improve by developing in all processes, We will identify and reduce risks for environmental emergencies, To Employees; We will develop them by providing awareness-raising trainings on environmental awareness,

R&D The fact that the development level of a country is directly proportional to its position in the field of chemistry brings with it the necessity of making serious investments in the chemical sector, especially in the field of R&D and innovation. With its innovative vision and industry-leading approaches, POLURE has become an institution that increases its competitive power with its R&D investments.