Polyurethane precast is a material used in interior decoration works and exterior decoration designs. It is spreading rapidly in our country. Polyurethane precast jamb is one of the exterior cladding products and is frequently used in exterior cladding projects.

Polyurethane precast jamb is a product produced using polyurethane material. The word precast refers to the pre-prepared and only assembled building element, not in situ. Names are formed by placing the structure of materials such as concrete precast before the word precast. Polyurethane precast jamb is a product used in exterior decoration and is produced using polyurethane material.

Concrete precast is a concrete program with superior strength properties. It is obtained from the mixture of silica sand and white cement. Precast exterior cladding models have been used in the USA and European countries since the late 1970s. In Turkey, the use of precast cladding models has become widespread and can be applied to all kinds of buildings.

Precast exterior cladding materials do not have properties such as water, moisture, heat and sound insulation. It is heavy and can put additional load on the structure. Precast exterior cladding materials are generally more expensive than other siding options. For this reason, it may not be preferred by companies that make exterior applications. In addition, the thermal insulation rate of precast exterior cladding materials is low.

Polyurethane precast facade products are exterior decoration models made using polyurethane material. When these products are used outdoors, they provide protection against weather conditions that damage the building, while at the same time offering an aesthetic appearance. Outdoor cladding materials are generally selected and applied in accordance with the design and aesthetics of the building.

Among the exterior cladding materials in Turkey, wood, precast, American siding, siding, composite (alucobond), granite, aluminum, natural stone and glass facade cladding are preferred.

While polyurethane precast exterior products provide an aesthetic appearance, they also offer advantages such as heat and water insulation. The use of these products extends the life of the building. 3D visualization and product application services are also offered.

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