Decorative Columns: Column Base to Adapt to Any Decoration Style

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Decorative Column P5920C_0_50 is a decoration product made of polyurethane material. It is an ideal option especially for villas and entrance doors. The prices of these columns may vary depending on their quality and size. Polyurethane material is known for being durable and lightweight. Therefore, it is an ideal option for decorative columns. At the same time, the polyurethane material can be easily shaped and decorated with various patterns. In this way, decorative columns can adapt to any decoration style. Decorative columns are important elements that complete the look of villas and entrance doors. While providing an aesthetic appearance, they also provide support to the structure. Therefore, decorative columns have an important role both visually and structurally. One of the most popular models among decorative columns are Doric Corinthian columns. These columns were designed with inspiration from ancient Greek architecture. Having an elegant and impressive appearance, Doric Corinthian columns add elegance to any building. In addition, the capitals of these columns are also a separate aesthetic element. Headers are located at the top of the columns and often contain ornate details. The head prices of the Doric Corinthian columns also vary according to the dimensions and designs of the columns. Polyurethane Decor column head prices are determined according to quality and design features. Polyurethane material is known for its durability and longevity. In addition, it is easy to clean and maintenance-free. For this reason, polyurethane decor columns can look like the first day for many years. Our products are not styrofoam foam. Styrofoam foam is a type of polyurethane material, but styrofoam foam is not used in our decorative columns. Polyurethane material has a more durable and robust structure. In addition, polyurethane decorative pillars have fire resistant properties. This is an important advantage in terms of security. As a result, decorative columns are an ideal option for villas and entrance doors. These columns, which are made of polyurethane material, provide support to the structure while providing an aesthetic appearance. The Doric Corinthian columns and capitals are impressive examples of ancient Greek architecture. It should also be known that the header prices of polyurethane decor columns and our products are not styrofoam foam.

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