The Core Perfectly Complements the Transition Point Between Wall and Ceiling

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The Core Perfectly Complements the Transition Point Between Wall and Ceiling

The decorative core made of P7119D117 polyurethane material is a decoration product that gives an aesthetic appearance to the walls. This durable and long-lasting product is designed in different patterns and shapes. It can be used in many interiors from homes to hotels and adds elegance to spaces. Thanks to its polyurethane material, this product, which is light and easily shaped, is more economical than materials such as wood or stone.

Decorative Core P7119D117 is a decoration product made of polyurethane material. This product is one of the types of polyurethane ornament and decorative patterned wall cores used to give an aesthetic appearance to the walls. Our products are more durable and long-lasting, unlike styrofoam foam cores. Decorative Patterned Wall core types are designed in different patterns and shapes. These products are used in the interiors of homes, offices, restaurants and hotels, adding elegance to the spaces. Wall hubs with classic decor motifs provide a more traditional and nostalgic look. These products are especially preferred in classical style homes and spaces. Polyurethane material is a material frequently used in decorative core production. This material is preferred because it is light and durable. At the same time, thanks to its easy-to-shape feature, it allows the production of different designs. Polyurethane decorative cores offer a more economical solution by replacing materials such as wood or stone. Decorative cores add depth and aesthetic appearance to spaces when applied to walls. It also nicely complements the transition point between the wall and the ceiling. These products also adapt to spaces with different color options. Decorative hubs are also very easy to assemble and can be done without the need for any specialist. Polyurethane decorative cores are durable and do not deform over time, as well as being long-lasting. They are also resistant to water and humid environments. Thanks to these features, decorative cores are also very easy to maintain. As a result, decorative cores are products made of polyurethane material and give an aesthetic appearance to the walls. Designed in different patterns and shapes, these products add elegance to spaces. Polyurethane decorative hubs are durable, long-lasting and easy to maintain. These products, which are preferred in the interiors of homes, offices, restaurants and hotels, change the atmosphere of the spaces and create a visual effect.

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Polyurethane Ceiling Rosettes Models manufacturer. We manufacture Decorative Ceiling Hubs and Badges and offer them to you at the most affordable prices.

What is a Ceiling and Roset?

It means that ceiling rosettes or Ceilings, which are generally used in interior decoration, are not preferred or are not available. Ceilings are decorative elements placed in the center of the ceiling and can often be found in buildings with special design or historical texture.

This may refer to situations where the demand for ceiling decorations is low in modern minimalist designs or in certain interior arrangements. In some places, ceiling brackets can be used rarely because they do not suit the general style of the room or are not preferred. This may vary depending on the aesthetic preferences of individuals or designers, the intended use of the space and its style.

The rose has symbolized secrecy since the Romans, and this can be attributed to a complex relationship with the Egyptian god Horus. In the context of its association with ceilings and privacy, reference can be made to the Scottish Government's Sub Rosa initiative. Representing privacy, the rose hanging above the meeting table symbolizes one's freedom to speak freely and represents the freedom to express without fear.

During the reign of England's Tudor King Henry VIII, the physical carving of a rose into the ceiling was used to fulfill this very purpose. Over the centuries, this practice has become a commonplace feature in domestic architecture. To this extent, it has now become a term that refers to a circular device that conceals and encloses the wiring for a ceiling light installation.

Ceiling and Rosettes: An Elegant Touch to Interiors

Ceilings and rosettes are prominent decorative elements used to provide an aesthetic contribution to interior spaces. Known as simple oval disc-shaped stucco decorations or rich Baroque wall decorations from ancient Greece, these elements have been rediscovered by architects today as extraordinary interior accessories. In this article, we will explore the elegance and functionality that Ceilings and rosettes will add to interior spaces.

Ceiling and Rosets: Areas of Use

Ceilings and escutcheons are often mounted on the ceiling, hiding unsightly wiring and creating a decorative backdrop to lamps and candelabra. When carefully selected, these decorative elements can be harmoniously included in the overall composition of the interior. They can emphasize the interior style or, on the contrary, attract attention by contrasting with different shapes and colors.

The Ceiling and rosettes can also be used for functional purposes. They are a frequently preferred solution, especially in additions that combine the kitchen and living room. This is possible by using Ceilings and rosettes of visually different shapes to separate the two rooms and not reduce the overall space.

Ceilings and rosettes are prominent design elements used as an aesthetic touch and decorative element in interior spaces. These elements, which have existed since ancient times, continue to be popular in modern designs today. Here's a look at the usage areas of Ceilings and rosettes:

1. Ceiling Decoration:

Ceilings and rosettes are usually placed in the center of the ceiling and are used to hide unsightly wiring in this area, aesthetically frame lamps or create a decorative background for candlesticks. This enhances the overall appearance of the ceiling and determines the character of the space.

2. Use Compatible with Lights:

The Ceiling and rosettes can be designed to match the interior lighting. In particular, some models allow LED lighting to be integrated. In this way, it offers an aesthetic and stylish option to illuminate the ceiling.

3. Room Separation and Emphasis:

Ceilings and rosettes can be used to create visual separation between rooms. Especially in combined areas such as the living room and the kitchen, it is possible to separate the two rooms by using differently designed Ceilings and rosettes.

4. Wall Decoration:

These decorative elements, traditionally used on ceilings, are also successfully used on walls by interior designers. Ceilings and rosettes in different sizes and designs can be used as stylish decorative elements on walls.

5. In Traditional and Modern Designs:

Ceilings and rosettes can find a place in both traditional and modern designs. Ceilings and rosettes with traditional patterns and ornaments create a classic atmosphere, while minimalist and geometric designs fit into modern interiors.

6. Meeting and Conference Halls:

Especially in large venues, mass conference halls or event areas, Ceilings and rosettes enrich the general atmosphere of the space and determine focal points.

Ceilings and rosettes provide a unique touch to interior spaces with their diversity in usage areas and aesthetic contributions. The ability of each design to adapt to the general character of the space contributes to the continued popularity of these decorative elements.

Elegance on Walls: Use of Centerpieces and Rosettes in Wall Decoration

These aesthetic elements, which we usually see on ceilings, are also successfully used by interior designers in wall decoration. Ceilings and rosettes of different shapes and sizes can be used to create unique compositions on walls. By thinking of it like a mirror frame, visual symmetry can be created in wall areas and create a sense of order and harmony between areas.

Elegance with Polure Decor's Neo Classic Products

Polure Decor offers specially designed stuko products to beautify interior designs and create unique decorations. The Ceilings and rosettes located between the ceiling and wall stuccos offer an option suitable for every style with their unique designs and versatile uses.

Ceiling mounted Ceilings and Rosets are more than just a stylish decoration, they can also be used successfully with LED lighting in some models. This is an effective solution to add the right atmosphere and romantic flair to your interior. Polure Decor's product range includes special lighting Ceilings and rosettes designed by design expert Hasan Korkut. These products are designed with LED lighting in mind and have simple and geometric forms that are ideal for modern apartments.

In each product, Polure Decor uses a modern material called ProFoam, which is specially produced to combine durability and lightness. As well as being perfect for large ceiling pieces, this material is bonded with Polure Polfix 301 adhesive to minimize the risk of it falling off the wall.

Ceilings and rosettes are the perfect way to add a touch of elegance and elegance to your interior. When chosen correctly, Ceilingcaps and rosettes become an accessory that will impress your guests and greatly enrich the atmosphere of your home.


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