P1458: Decorative Jamb Made of Polyurethane Material

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P1458: Decorative Jamb Made of Polyurethane Material

Decorative jambs and coatings are exterior decorations produced using polyurethane material. These products, which provide a long-lasting and aesthetic appearance, offer a rich choice with various patterns and models. The exterior appearance of the building is enriched with exterior decorations and an aesthetic effect is created.

Decorative Jamb P1458 is a decoration product produced from polyurethane material. These jamb models are used on walls and windowsills to provide an aesthetic appearance. Thanks to the durability provided by the polyurethane material, it offers a long-lasting use. Polyurethane Precast Facade Cladding is a type of cladding specially designed for exterior. This coating is used on the exterior walls to complete the aesthetic appearance of the building. Window side jambs are decorative products produced with polyurethane material and used on exterior window edges. These jambs fill the space around the window, giving the building a stylish look. Exterior decorations are various decorative products used to decorate the exterior of the building. These decorations create an aesthetic effect by enriching the exterior of the building. Exterior decorative patterned window side jambs are window side jambs that are produced with polyurethane material and have various patterns on them. While these models add a different atmosphere to the exterior of the building, they also offer a decorative appearance. Decorative jambs and coatings are important decoration products used to beautify the exterior of buildings and give them an aesthetic appearance. The use of polyurethane material increases the durability of these products and ensures a long-lasting use. In addition, by offering a rich choice with various patterns and models, it offers a design opportunity for every taste. As a result, decorative jambs and trims play an important role in exterior decoration. With the use of polyurethane material, a long-lasting and aesthetic appearance is obtained. Decorative patterned jamb models, on the other hand, add a different atmosphere to the exterior of the building, while at the same time offering a decorative appearance. These products create an aesthetic effect by enriching the external appearance of buildings.

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P1458 Decorative Jamb: An Aesthetic Decoration Product Made of Polyurethane Material[...]

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  1. What is Polyurethane Jamb?:

Polyurethane jamb is a decorative building element and is produced from a polymer material called polyurethane. Polyurethane is a synthetic polymer usually used in foam form. Polyurethane material is lightweight, durable and can be shaped into various shapes. These jambs are widely preferred in architectural and decorative applications.

The advantages of polyurethane jambs include:

    1. Durability: Polyurethane jambs are resistant to impacts and resistant to external factors. These features make it suitable for long-term use.
    2. Various Design Options: Polyurethane material offers a variety of design options. Jambs produced in different forms, patterns and sizes offer a wide range of uses in decoration projects.
    3. Water Resistance: Polyurethane material is not affected by water and is resistant to problems such as rotting. This feature ensures the long life of the products.
    4. Easy Installation: Its clean and easy-to-install features reduce labor costs and offer quick installation.
    5. Heat and Sound Insulation: Polyurethane jambs have the feature of providing heat and sound insulation. This can help create a more comfortable environment indoors.
    6. Aesthetic Design: Offering a stylish and aesthetic design, polyurethane jambs add visual richness to buildings and make the spaces aesthetically attractive.
    7. Protection: Especially when used around doors and windows, it provides protection from rain and effectively blocks liquid substances that may come from outside.

Polyurethane jambs can be used in various areas, from exterior decoration to interior decoration, from window frames to ceiling rosettes. Their installation generally does not require expertise and can be easily applied by exterior masters. Additionally, special designs can also be produced, providing users with customized solutions.

Assembly Process and Diversity:

Installation of polyurethane jambs generally does not require special expertise and can be easily applied by exterior masters. The assembly process may include the following steps:

    1. Preparation: The first step is to clean the surface to be mounted. A clean surface ensures better adhesion of the jamb.
    2. Cutting: Polyurethane jamb can be found in a variety of forms, patterns and sizes. Special designs can be created by cutting according to need.
    3. Bonding: Polyurethane jambs are usually installed with special adhesives or bonding materials. The adhesive ensures that the jamb adheres firmly and permanently to the surface.
    4. Fixation: Once the jamb is placed on the mounting surface, it can be supported by various fixing methods. This helps the jamb hold more securely and firmly.
    5. Seam Filler: The joints of the jamb parts or the gaps formed during assembly can be filled with seam filler. This provides a more aesthetic appearance.

The variety of polyurethane jambs offers different forms, patterns and sizes, giving users wide design freedom. Special designs can be produced to meet customer expectations, so each project can gain a unique touch.

Polyurethane Jamb Usage Areas:

Polyurethane jambs offer aesthetic and practical solutions in various areas of use. Some common uses are:

    1. Exterior Decoration: It adds an aesthetic touch to buildings by using it in window frames, door frames, corner details and facade decorations.
    2. Interior Decoration: Details such as ceiling rosettes, baseboards, plasterboard and column coverings can give an aesthetic appearance to interior spaces.
    3. Window and Door Frames: Can be used to decorate and highlight window and door frames, can make simple frames more decorative.
    4. Restoration Projects: It can be preferred in the restoration of historical buildings to recreate or update traditional architectural details.
    5. Garden and Outdoor Decorations: Thanks to its durable structure, it can be used in outdoor decorations such as garden walls, door surrounds or porches.

Polyurethane jambs have become a preferred material in many decoration projects with their durability, aesthetic designs and easy installation.

Polyurethane Jamb Prices: Polyurethane jamb prices vary depending on many variable factors. These factors include jamb size, design complexity, quality level, brand preference, vendor location and installation services. Prices, which are generally calculated on the basis of unit price per meter, vary depending on the model chosen, the quality of the material and the quantities requested. To get more accurate information about jamb prices, it is important to contact local material suppliers or compare prices from various vendors.

How to Paint Polyurethane Jamb:

    1. Preparation:
      • Clean the surface of the jamb and remove any oil, dirt or debris.
      • Use a suitable filling material to repair any existing cracks or uneven surfaces.
    2. Sanding:
      • Lightly sand the surface of the jamb. Sand the surface smooth using medium-fine sandpaper.
    3. Priming:
      • Polyurethane materials often require a primer. Ensure paint adhesion and increase color consistency by using primer.
    4. Paint Selection:
      • You can use water or solvent based paints. Select the appropriate paint based on brush, roller or spray gun preference.
    5. Painting:
      • Apply the paint evenly. Working in thin layers, apply multiple coats if necessary until desired color and appearance is achieved.
    6. Drying:
      • Allow each layer to dry completely. Drying time may vary depending on the paint and environmental conditions.
    7. Sealing:
      • Once the paint is completely dry, you can use varnish or polyurethane coating to seal the polyurethane jamb. This will help the paint last.

Working carefully through each step and following the instructions on product labels is important for a successful dyeing process. If you have any doubts about the process, seeking help from an expert can also be a good option.


Polyurethane Jamb Models manufacturing, Jamb Prices catalog from production
Polyurethane Jamb Models manufacturer. We manufacture Decorative Jambs and offer them to you at the most affordable prices.

Polyurethane Jamb Models manufacturer company. We produce Polyurethane Jamb features, Polyurethane Jamb manufacturing and usage areas, Decorative Jamb manufacturing and offer it to you at the most affordable prices.

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